Mindset Transformation based on Science and Spirituality

My name is Gurpreet Kaur and in October 2015 I began the most incredible journey of my life so far. I decided to quit anti-depressants after 15 years, along with a whole host of other pharmaceuticals and began learning about the mind and how I could use it to change the direction of my life. It was challenging but so very worth it and now I teach others what I know.

I learned a whole new perspective on life and the mind, body and soul connection. I got to know more about the spiritual and scientific elements and began using them to live a more fulfilled life.

I first went back to my roots and began to really understand my Sikh Spirituality and started learning it and applying it. I then realised that a lot of self help texts that I had been reading actually had been a part of my innate understanding, my Intuitive Knowledge if you will. I began learning to read and understand Sikh Scripture from those who knew of the Philosophy of Guru Nanak and quickly realised, it was all in the mind. It was all in me.

I attended top seminars, completed courses and became a qualified NLP Practitioner. My work is based on my understandings and applications of  Universal Law added to my Eastern heritage understandings that I already have within. Intuitive Knowledge is my way of serving as many people as I can with my interpretation of the information and the experiences that have led me to have the most magical and colourful life I could ever imagine, and yet it was all so different just a few years ago.

The most incredible part of my learning? That we all have the EXACT same tools and capabilities no matter our age, background or gender. We just have to learn what these tools and techniques are and how to use them. That is what I help to do; teach the very principles that took me from a state of depression to being a motivated and driven individual, inspired to inspire others. My goal is to awaken people to the power they have within right now, to experience the gift of life in its magical entirety. 

To find out more about my journey, please read my article at; https://medium.com/@gurps81/i-healed-myself-from-depression-and-anxiety-after-15-years-476434f3d43